Why the Sea?

The sea’s abundance of natural and pure beauty benefiting resources help revitalize, nourish, and retain moisture in our skin. Sea plants are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and amino acids...all things we need for proper body balance & function. These plants provide hydration, healing, detoxifying, and restorative properties, while defending against aging, protecting against UV lights, and helping to prevent acne. Naturally occurring in and around our great bodies of water, the ingredients in our Vitamins and Sea beauty™️ line promote healthy, youthful skin.

Ideal for all skin types, our Gentle & Brightening scrub combines Sea Salt & Coconut for a wonderfully exfoliating cleanse. With the refreshing fragrance of Coconut, our formula scrubs away dirt while hydrating thirsty skin cells, leaving you with soft, radiant skin.

With some of the richest sea ingredients, our line of face masks provide a cleansing, smoothing, and relaxing experience. For instant exfoliating, our Blue Sea Kale & Grapefruit mask clarifies and refreshes skin. Our Soothing & Smoothing mask with Sea Kelp & Cucumber is perfect for sensitive skin, soothing irritation and gently cleansing. To firm and fight against signs of aging, our Cooling & Antioxidant Charcoal & Black Sea Mud mask strengthens skin cells, while balancing tone and improving complexion.

Our ultra soothing & calming overnight mask does all the work while you sleep. Created to deeply hydrate your skin, our light formula creates a permeable seal to lock in moisture and keep impurities out. Anti-aging properties help firm and brighten, leaving you with dewey, youthful skin when you wake. Chamomile relaxes, while Sea Lavender fights free radical damage.

Gentle, foaming cleansers that purify your skin. Wash away impurities and dead skin cells, while deeply hydrating and protecting skin from free radical damage. Both our cream and gel formulas create luxurious lather that thoroughly cleanses skin. Fortified with soothing, natural scents.

This Rose Water toner, infused with Sea Buckthorn, helps hydrate skin, combat signs of aging, and clarifies the skin’s complexion. Non-alcoholic formula for a gentle, refreshing cleanse and ideal for all skin types.


The benefits of marine plants are not just for your face! Our Sea Kelp and Seaweed extracts work amazingly well on your entire body. Blending with activated charcoal for a deeply purifying cleanse, our creamy scrubs exfoliate away the day by removing dry & dead skin cells and allowing your natural complexion to glow & take center stage. Rough areas like knees and elbows end up smoother, softer, and renewed.

Polish & firm with these sea-tastic body scrubs!